Due to exceptional circumstances caused by the covid-19, Luxembourg airline company, Luxair, has sets up new exceptional commercial conditions to offer more flexibility to their passengers and so as not to lose their trust.

With the most viral spread of the virus and new measures being taken every day by the Luxembourg Government, it is now the turn of the airlines companies to commit themselves to limiting its spread. After having requested the interruption of its flights to Spain, Morocco, Denmark and Tunisia, Luxair is reassuring its customers; repatriation flight arrangements or the implementation of exceptional commercial conditions.

Free re-booking options throughout Luxair network to make passengers travel plans more flexible in the exceptional circumstances with free re-booking for existing bookings with a travel date between March 16th and March 31st 2020 included and free re-booking for new bookings between March 16thand March 31t included.

Also, du to the exceptional circumstances, Luxair reduce schedules and cancel flights. In case of flight cancellation, the airnline company offer to re-book or to refund tickets.

All information about the conditions are on Luxair website.