In addition, with the various measures taken by Luxembourg Government to contain the spread of the covid-19, Luxembourg’s Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, CFL and Luxtram announced their precautionary measures applied to public transport in Luxembourg.

All precautionary measures must be respected by all drivers and travellers:

RGTR regional bus lines

-      Front door of all buses will remain closed, travellers are asked to use the rear door to get in and out the bus

-      First row of seats for travellers must stay unoccupied, driver must put a barrier tape, travellers are asked to keep their distance with drivers

-      For the RegioZone buses, driver will not be allowed to sell tickets

According to the closure of all schools, no school transport will be conducted from March 16th until March 29th.


CAPABS specific transport

Will be cancelled:

-      Transportation to competence centres for 2 weeks

-      Transport to HMC workshops in Capellen for two weeks

-      Transport to schools for pupils with special needs abroad ("eETRA" courses) for two weeks

-      Transport to Parkinson Luxembourg until March 30th

-      Transport to Fondation Kräizbierg (sheltered workshop) until March 20th

-      Transport to Ligue HMC until March 27th

-      Transport to Tricentenaire (sheltered workshop) until March 27th


Are maintained transport to:

-      Sheltered workshops and Centres de propédeutique professionnelle (CPP)

-      Alzheimer Luxembourg



CFL will adapt its transport plan to provide trains during rush hour in the morning and in the evening. During off-peak, service will be reduced



Luxtram will ensure service during the week, starting 4h47 (first departure Luxexpo) until 23h48 (last departure Stäreplaz/Etoile) with a frequency of 5 and 7 minutes during rush hour.