The Discover Luxembourg concept of teams following a trail, walking around Luxembourg city and discovering more about its culture, history, gastronomy and technology, while participating in a number of fun challenges, has been extended.


G-Media, the company behind Discover Luxembourg and The Luxembourg Chronicle, is organising a second Discover Luxembourg event on Saturday 13 June 2015, this time by electric vehicle. This follows calls for such an event, with a proof-of-concept organised last year. As a result, the Discover Luxembourg by Electric Vehicle event is taking place on Saturday 13 June 2015, as announced at the recent Green Business Summit in Luxembourg.


A number of vehicle manufacturers are putting a fleet of 30 electric car at the disposal of the event; in addition, owners of electric vehicles will themselves also be able to participate in the event which is open to teams of four people. On the day, they will learn about electric vehicles in Luxembourg and will travel along a course of approximately 100km during the day.


The activity will commence at 10:00 from the Mélange store in Dommeldange (rue Nennig, beside Abitare and opposite the train station), with teams returning mid-afternoon. Luxembourg's Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Francois Bausch, will address the participants.


The event is being sponsored by La Baloise, Total Luxembourg, Cactus and Automotion, with the support of BMW, Ford, Renault and Tesla, as well as AMCHAM, AraCityRadio and


Discover Luxembourg (by car) will take place on Saturday 13 June 2015, from 10:00. Specific instructions will be given to participants when registering - see  for details. The cost is just €100 per team. A draw will be made to allocate vehicles to teams who do not have their own electric vehicles.


The 8th annual Discover Luxembourg 2014 (by foot) will take place on Saturday 5 September this year, during the LCTO's Summer in the City programme, from 13:00.


Both events will be supporting the Omega 90 pallitative care centre in Luxembourg-Hamm and its education programme.


Press Release from Discover Luxembourg