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C2D System House Luxembourg S.A. - Luxembourg
9, rue des Trois Cantons
8399 Windhof
T: +352 20202670
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C2D System House: XEN, VDI, monitoring and...
Since 1992 in Belgium, C2D is a professional services provider for IT infrastructure on
premise and in it’s datacenter rack’s. We are able to configure XEN virtualization for VDI,
file, database, printing and web services secured by OTP login access.

Our servers run a full 24*7 monitoring for all hosts types on customer sites and inside our
DC racks. Our team is also specialized in high performance computing technologies for
broadcasting video.

BroadIP, Broadcast Video over IP.
Based on a complete range of SDI I/O single or multiple ports,
C2D System House provides an HD-SD encoder/decoder
software using X.264 technology for live streaming and MP4 for
recording (ready for H.265 and 4K).

Regarding the live streaming functionality, our BroadIP transcoder can use a standard
internet connection with only a 6-10 Mb/s upload to transmit high quality broadcast video.

Our encoder/decoder couple can also handle a large broadcast video file types and is
able to send a broadcast file without visible degradation also through a standard internet
connection. In this case, the transmission time is similar as the recording time to permit
the fast file transfer via a KA-Sat or 3G/4G uplink. Received broadcast quality files are
ready for editing.

In addition, you can choose to use our BroadIP Network to share your live in broadcast
quality with your broadcast partners. Our systems are available in a rack mounting or other
smaller computer boxes.

WebTVLive CDN.
C2D System House provide a powerful streaming dedicated
servers and a large not shared internet bandwidth for our
broadcasters private cloud.

Our servers farms are directly connected to the high speed fiber optical internet backbone
for a small latency. Our OTT (Over The Top) Saas is able to serve on demand a web live
streaming for thousands of clients such as Personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

With our platform, you preserve your rights and choose to use your own website to include
our streaming iframe or our customized landing page for large and/or secure diffusions. If
needed, we can start our WebTVLive CDN worldwide on all continents.