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Vesperia - Luxembourg
148, Route d’Arlon
8010 Strassen
T: +352 20409502




Vesperia is the IT player positioned exclusively on PHP and Web Standards expertise and developments. We work with many major companies for which PHP is mission critical. This specialization allows us to enhance industrialization of software development, which in turn enhances the interest in our services.


We gather the best certified experts around exciting technological challenges and we bring our assistance through various strategic axes:

  • Consulting, coaching and team setup
  • Audit of code and skills
  • Training (OOP, Design Pattern, Unit Test, Zend Framework 2, Scrum/Kanban, etc.)


PHP benefits from a very strong market share in languages used for web application development. Since more than 10 years, PHP is an object oriented language that allows best practise implementation of IT systems that need to be dependable and robust. The open source language is well appraised internationally, and its community has given birth to reference frameworks that speedup and consolidate developments. This is where Vesperia comes into play, offering our customers specialist services based on a broad set of skills and expertise. These obviously also include web standards technologies orbiting around PHP development.


Vesperia has always played an important role in the community, for instance through our collaboration with the AFUP (Association Française des Utilisateurs de PHP) and through our partnerships with Zend Technologies, ContinuousPHP, and Amazaon Web Services. Since 2014, our brand position has allowed us to develop towards France where we were able to seduce many major companies.


Our team is built upon backend and frontend developers, architects, trainers, and project managers who all share a strong common knowledge and skills base. Employee's careers and certifications are important to us, and today we continue growing this team to meet requirements in a growing market.